First Week Return to Studio – Fiori Inks at Olly Olly

A refreshing and much needed experience getting back to work at my studio this week after a huge artistic push over the Summer of 2017. I hung a massive symmetry WIP and look forward to getting it refined with its first touches of color. I’m also working on a spirit painting for a special lady in my office who is expecting a little girl soon. Lastly, there is a collage in process that pays respect to the past cycle of my work.

New Work

The large work shown below is the beginning to a new collection of paintings that I am developing based on symmetry and light. I’m interested in displaying subtle energies and harmony through aligned color patterns. I’ve also started work on a smaller piece, the beginnings of which you can see in this gallery – check out the process..

Old Work

In hommage to my previous body of work, I’ve started a collage process from some prints that didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted during my learning process for making prints. The last picture is a re-organized studio that should become more and more harmonious over time.

Spirit Painting In Process

In addition to the symmetry work that I will be doing over the next year or so, I plan to move forward with Spirit Paintings. The first of this Season has begun. please check back to watch this evolve. Brittany has a really beautiful mellow energy with an inner light that I want to emphasize. (not to mention that she is expecting a child anytime now – and this is a sacred time both for the little one and for her)

Personal Notes

The past couple weeks have involved a lot of learning for me in my own life as I adjust to changing relationships with other’s and with myself. Over a month ago I felt a deep urge to go within and this initiated direction towards inner-learning through new classes, study, and adoration of the world around me. Without going in to too much detail; I wanted to share a few pictures from my personal life as well.

Happy Self-Discovery fellow Creators – Thank you for Existing




Thursday Night Bliss

Randomly had an art night and some beautiful creations came out of it. Jake, Kristen, and Marc came out to my house and were totally down to create. See pics below.



Jake is one of my coolest relatives. I’ve actually only had the pleasure of making his acquaintance over the past few years. Growing up an only child, it was nice to discover that I have blood out there that thinks like I do. Not only that, we look alike! : p Jake’s really quick and has a rich inner world informed by interesting knowledge he’s gained through research, introspection, and relationships with cool friends/fam where he grew up near Augusta, Georgia. Just talking to him is a pleasure because he expands your mind without hardly any effort at all. He makes music too! His bandcamp is here: ¬†

Collaboration get Down – Marc and Kristen


Marc is one of my most interesting friends (He’s a Gemini which I’m particularly fond of) We don’t get together often but he’s always down to make art and talk spiritual vibes. Reiki and mysticism are interwoven into Marc’s world as he continues his journey as a healer. He came out with his good friend, Kristen, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. She’s a badass artist and a really sensory oriented person. They enticed me away from my own work for a while and it was fun to collab together. We were like little kids pigging out on icecream. This really wicked delectable work came out of it. It looks like it’s moving. The painting sums up the energy of the night.

Progress on Tree Rings


Somehow with all the fun, I still got to do my own work last night and am really excited as the details come together on this large piece hanging out in my dining room currently. Thanks for keeping up to date as I make progress on it. Can’t wait to share a final version for you that I hope to make so beautiful you could jump into it and spend years swimming among the abstraction. L O V E

Details and Progress – Tree RIngs