New Website Up and Running

Focusing this week on Growth and what that means for me.

Where I’m At

I’ve spent the past two days playing around with WordPress and figuring out ways to make my website a better destination for visitors. Not an easy task for an introverted visual oriented meditation aficionado. But, hey, sometimes our lessons in stillness come from a little effort crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

What’s New

The new additions to my website include a shopping experience, this blog, and an updated list. I’m also hiding a few goodie widgets here and there and hoping you will find them amusing and inspiring.

About My Journey


The name Lotus Heartsong is chosen by me and represents the intentional creation that I put forth into the world at all times. I think, as artists, we have the rare opportunity to shape culture as a whole and I say, why not then, lean towards beauty and flow… and our inner lotus. Heartsong is all about that life – the unfolding – the courage to be more of myself – and to dance un-apologetically like no one is watching. ┬áMy artist persona is simply Lotus. It is the culmination the rapture and awe, tribulation and ease, love and resistance, and gentle passivity that I have come to call my own on this planet.


Another key aspect you will notice in my work is the balance and interplay of light and shadow. I feel this is important in our personalities as well. Head in the clouds and feet on the ground. My life, personal work, and endeavors in guiding others would be wrapped up by the effort to play with and balance light and shadow within each of us. I am fascinated by the importance of polarity and hope you will take pleasure in that too if you decide to purchase any of my art. It is designed for healing your spirit and your psyche.

I look forward to sharing more visuals, music, and my life with you here on this adventure.

My Sacred Connection With You

What have you been up to today? Ping me in the spirit world or online. It’s all about community and I thrive from our sacred connection. Let’s uplift each other and if we can’t make the world a better place, then certainly a more funky place will suffice.

Sending lots of love from the DC metro area.


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