Thursday Night Bliss

Randomly had an art night and some beautiful creations came out of it. Jake, Kristen, and Marc came out to my house and were totally down to create. See pics below.



Jake is one of my coolest relatives. I’ve actually only had the pleasure of making his acquaintance over the past few years. Growing up an only child, it was nice to discover that I have blood out there that thinks like I do. Not only that, we look alike! : p Jake’s really quick and has a rich inner world informed by interesting knowledge he’s gained through research, introspection, and relationships with cool friends/fam where he grew up near Augusta, Georgia. Just talking to him is a pleasure because he expands your mind without hardly any effort at all. He makes music too! His bandcamp is here: ¬†

Collaboration get Down – Marc and Kristen


Marc is one of my most interesting friends (He’s a Gemini which I’m particularly fond of) We don’t get together often but he’s always down to make art and talk spiritual vibes. Reiki and mysticism are interwoven into Marc’s world as he continues his journey as a healer. He came out with his good friend, Kristen, who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time. She’s a badass artist and a really sensory oriented person. They enticed me away from my own work for a while and it was fun to collab together. We were like little kids pigging out on icecream. This really wicked delectable work came out of it. It looks like it’s moving. The painting sums up the energy of the night.

Progress on Tree Rings


Somehow with all the fun, I still got to do my own work last night and am really excited as the details come together on this large piece hanging out in my dining room currently. Thanks for keeping up to date as I make progress on it. Can’t wait to share a final version for you that I hope to make so beautiful you could jump into it and spend years swimming among the abstraction. L O V E

Details and Progress – Tree RIngs


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