Inner Child – Wisdom Tree Guided Meditation

My most recent project has been my first YouTube guided meditation. It’s been in the works for several months and I’m excited to finally share. I created this in partnership with Dermaptera who provided background audio and voice editing.

Inner Child – Wisdom Tree is designed to help the listener get in tune with their inner child and gain wisdom on several fronts in their life.

About Lotus:

I am an intuitive artist focused on bringing creative visions and good vibes into this world. May you and yours enjoy happiness, peace, and continued mutual support on this journey.

About Dermaptera:

Kevin Hassett and Kathy McMenamin are Dermaptera. This husband and wife due has been making chilled-out music together since 2000, and currently have 8 albums to their credit.  To find out more about the band, and here more of their music, please visit:


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