First Week Return to Studio – Fiori Inks at Olly Olly

A refreshing and much needed experience getting back to work at my studio this week after a huge artistic push over the Summer of 2017. I hung a massive symmetry WIP and look forward to getting it refined with its first touches of color. I’m also working on a spirit painting for a special lady in my office who is expecting a little girl soon. Lastly, there is a collage in process that pays respect to the past cycle of my work.

New Work

The large work shown below is the beginning to a new collection of paintings that I am developing based on symmetry and light. I’m interested in displaying subtle energies and harmony through aligned color patterns. I’ve also started work on a smaller piece, the beginnings of which you can see in this gallery – check out the process..

Old Work

In hommage to my previous body of work, I’ve started a collage process from some prints that didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted during my learning process for making prints. The last picture is a re-organized studio that should become more and more harmonious over time.

Spirit Painting In Process

In addition to the symmetry work that I will be doing over the next year or so, I plan to move forward with Spirit Paintings. The first of this Season has begun. please check back to watch this evolve. Brittany has a really beautiful mellow energy with an inner light that I want to emphasize. (not to mention that she is expecting a child anytime now – and this is a sacred time both for the little one and for her)

Personal Notes

The past couple weeks have involved a lot of learning for me in my own life as I adjust to changing relationships with other’s and with myself. Over a month ago I felt a deep urge to go within and this initiated direction towards inner-learning through new classes, study, and adoration of the world around me. Without going in to too much detail; I wanted to share a few pictures from my personal life as well.

Happy Self-Discovery fellow Creators – Thank you for Existing