Transition Reflections – Good-Bye 2017 – You were Revolutionary

Weekend Reflections

Boyfriend out of town for the week-end in Rhode Island and I miss him. Luckily, he’s been sending me a lot of pictures and I even got a little short of his magical world as he creates. (above) I really appreciate this Guy as an Inventive. I’m lucky to have found such a complex and together creature.

With that being said- It’s been an excellent opportunity for me to reflect on my own this week-end and spend some time alone with my little one Da Vi.

Yoga and Astrology

I attended a class this week-end to talk about the energies coming into play over the next several months as the season’s change.  My friends and community talk a lot about astrological influences throughout the year. However, it’s unusually for me to think about being in harmony with these influences and the things I can actively do to increase their positive influences (like specific asanas). It makes sense because the zodiac was founded on seasonal influences and observations over thousands of years. Therefore, the descriptions of the signs may seem a bit mystical but are also grounded in direct experience of the seasons.

Moving out of Virgo towards Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Our poses consisted of a lot of balancing and hip openers. I was able to make an observation about the body that I had not recognized before in my practice. In class, we are always directed to pay attention to how one side of our body may be tighter than the other. However, I also recognized during this practice that one side could be looser, as well, and require some tightening in. My right side was just slightly too tight and my left seemed to overextend often and needed strengthening and constriction to bring my body into balance. This will help me in the future as I look towards teaching others.

This card was pulled from the Wisdom Oracle deck at our practice and reflects my thinking very well
Part of the altar at our workshop – I’m a big fan of skulls in sacred contemplation


An overarching theme of this practice for me was the balancing of past, present, and future. I would like to recap a few major changes over the past year for me and talk a bit about personal goals for the future.

Past Year

Over the past year I had my first large exhibit to complete a thought process that involved rich colors, high dimensional shapes, and complex composition. During this time I gained an important Project Management Credential just before the passing of my mother (this made her very happy).  I think I’ve been processing her death for the entire year and healing old wounds in myself. My boyfriend took large steps in his personal life and career and we found a new balance to our relationship that had been long sought after for both of us. We also came to some important decisions about where we are headed over the next 5 years in achieving our dreams. My son continues to grow strong and our decisions should have a major positive impact on him and his stability. In addition to the art show, I started a lease at Olly Olly and reembarked on a public art journey for myself. In my personal health life, I re-entered the Vegetarian lifestyle, quit coffee, and began a structured Yoga practice at Soaring Spirit in Occoquan, VA.

Moving Forward

I believe that I have entered into a really important phase in my life that involves a lot of introspection and self-study. Mentally, I am taking some courses to brush up on my understanding of art both in terms of history and technique. My current projects are more focused and thought out than the previous intuitive style that I have been implementing. I’m going to be continuing to progress in my Project Management learning. I look forward to applying it to future endeavors. With the move to the Stafford area to be closer to my son, I am exploring the possibility of opening an art and yoga space locally there. After about 6 months of structured practice, I am looking forward to attaining a certification to teach yoga myself as a first step. Then, I plan to marry the two. Spiritually, I am interested in turning my efforts towards teaching what I have learned so far in order to create a legacy, share my knowledge, and continue to learn myself. That is part of the reason for this blog. My yoga journey is a major puzzle piece in my own spiritual journey as well that has been manifesting for about 3 years. It’s exciting to see something like this finally come to a head. Physically, I’m embarking on a path to greater health. Quitting coffee was an enormous step for me as it helps me to maintain physical endurance throughout the day and keeps my mind cool, relaxed, and better able to tend to the emotional needs of others. I look forward to continuing my path with Vegetarianism as I broaden my culinary skills and to also find ways to remain healthy and cleansed so that I can reap the benefits of the natural world, keeping my body maintained with the capacity for physical bliss. I’ll be starting an art project on my body soon to have a sleeve created that honors some important flowers in my life and a couple of my most cherished spirit animals.

I created the following art to demonstrate my reflections conceptually as well as to serve as a meditation focus for me over the next several moons.

Covering the past and the future here, I feel it is most important for me to acknowledge the deepest importance of the present. The past and the future are not actually here. All that exists is the present which some how paradoxically, contains past and future. I’m in love with this concept and intend to allow it to guide me through this Winter.