Art and Crystal Reiki

Art and Crystal Reiki with Lotus

Individual Chakra or Intention Area – $50 – 45m w/photo- $70

This session will be focused on just one energy center or place of intent on your body. Any art and crystal placement will be used to support the focus and clear blockages.

Full Chakra Session – $150 – 90m w/photo $170

All chakras are addressed here at a high level. Artwork is more broad and can be discretely placed or visible.

Intuitive Energetic Meridian and Reiki Crystal Healing Session – $200 – 2 hours

This is a more detailed experience. Art and grid work are more intricate. Photo is included in price.

Oracle or Tarot Card Reading Add-On – $50
5 session pass – $375

Any service offering is available at a flat rate of $75 if you buy 5 sessions at once – Photos included for each session.

Immerse Yourself in Color and Good Vibes

Each session is designed to align, transform, and ascend your energy body into bliss through the fusion of intuitive art, crystal work, and reiki.

Artwork for any energy center can be placed in a spot that is discrete. Alternatively, It’s also fun to stand out at an event with a design that is truly representative of your essence.

All sessions include Energetic Clearing, Aromatherapy, and Touch Reiki (Traditional, Elenari, Karuna-ki)

I love photography and if you would like to get a picture of yourself with your stones and art – I will gladly provide you with a photo for your altar as an add on.

My tarot readings are on the light side, upbeat, and accurate. Please ask me if you’re interested in working with this divination tool as well before your session.




Presented by Eye of Light – Yoga and Art

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